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Training, Workshops and Seminars

We offer customized trainings, workshops, and seminars that cover a broad range of topics. Not all ministries and businesses are the same and we do our best to customize our materials according to your needs. [ Click Here ]

Life Coaching

With our life coaching services, we want to help individuals learn to open their minds, explore new possibilities, and live a fuller life. [ Click Here ]


Jackie L. Montgomery has a team of clergy and non-clergy staff who can provide sound advice to individuals as well as organizations. [ Click Here ]

Pastoral Services

We have a network of clergy professionals who can provide service to enhance individuals on a private, personal, and professional level. [ Click Here ]

Motivational Topics

At some point in our lives, we all feel down and lost. Whenever you feel unmotivated and unsure about your life’s direction, allow us to help you with our motivational topics. [ Click Here ]

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Please keep on reading for more in-depth details about our services. [ View More ]