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About Jackie

jackie l. montgomery

From the desk of Jackie:

I have been a Business Entrepreneur for 22 years. Your first encounter with me is guaranteed to ignite your passion, stimulate your intellect, and challenge your visions. With my transferable energy, I have launched change into the lives of those around me. I have taken empowerment to a new dimension by assisting others not only to be fashionable but functional!

Through my faith, I was able to overcome my past and start a journey that would lead me to experienced-based learning that would model my success in personal development and life coach speaking. I have mentored the people from the Broadway Elite to the Homeless. Overcoming my past awarded me the opportunity to develop and collaborate with the community in efficient motivational and inspirational dynamics of personal development for individuals.

The things I would say to myself, about myself would not allow me to connect the dots necessary to reach my full potential – let alone set goals that were realistic.

I was never gossipy, someone who is detailed about anyone else’s life type of person because I was so consumed with finding myself. I did not want to find myself through misery but through motivation.

I was not one to read big books because I knew how to get the details from it without reading it in its entirety. This led me to write a series of short stories.

My personal transformation has allowed me to guide and assist individuals from all walks of life by empowering them to look beyond their circumstances. Through the support of my personal faith, I have the ability to share my experiences without reservation and my former lifestyle encourages others to change. What began as a split second decision of reality has transformed my life into ‘Making a Difference.’

I encourage you to get involved in making a difference in your community. I hope to speak to you soon.