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3 Responses to Reviews

  1. Trina Lennear

    Please accept this letter of recommendation for Jacqueline Montgomery. Jacqueline Montgomery has provided great supports to this organization with her unprecedented acts of kindness and concern for the community efforts/ She has employed her outstanding professionalism with direct impacts on the educational and governmental institutions locally. I have known of Jacqueline Montgomery for ever three years and I have recently had the pleasure of observing her work ethics for the past six months. She is a person of integrity and unblemished work ethics.

    Jacqueline works parallel with known parents, children, seniors and gifted individuals frim all walks of life. She is more than capable of strategic planning, program coordinations, collaborations and implementation of mentoring, counseling and coaching. She has a proven approach unmatched and would be a wonderful asset in any capacity.

    I highly recommend and support Jacqueline Montgomery as an individual that goes above and beyond.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Trina Lennear, Director

  2. Geraldine Saintville


    My name is Geraldine Saintville and I have been a paraplegic since the age of nine and I highly
    recommend Dr. Jacqueline Montgomery as a Mentor, Life Coach and Personal Development leader. She
    has empowered myself and others to many levels of development unprecedented. I am thirty-five
    years old currently and I am totally independent with an awesome career in pharmaceuticals attending
    college. Dr. Jacqueline has been instrumental to the success in my life.

  3. Anonymous

    I highly recommend Dr. Jacqueline Montgomery as my Personal Development, Life Coach and Mentor. I
    do not know where I would be had she not come into my life. She has instructed me, developed me and
    shaped me into great mental health. She has made me very mindful of who I am and who I can become.
    I strive to reach every goal and every milestone we have set together. I look forward to greater in life
    because of Dr. Jackie. In my previous mental condition I was not able to sleep, pulled out my hair, over
    processed my thoughts about everything and now I have purpose. Dr. Jacqueline Montgomery is a jewel
    to anyone who comes into her presence.


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