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Training, Workshops and Seminars

Jackie L. Montgomery offers customized trainings and courses that cover varied topics in the practice of faith. Not all ministries and businesses are the same, and we customize materials to your empower your services. Many organizations struggle with training and development by functioning without a library of working processes to improve upon. We aim to be your library of professional and organizational development.

  • Staff and Leadership Seminars and Workshops

    group meeting of people sitting in circle

    • Motivational Concepts
    • Leadership Development Services
    • Proactive Improvement
    • Knowledge and Awareness
    • Conflict and Resolution
    • And more
  • Non-Clergy Seminars and Workshops
    • Prayer and Its Power
    • Crisis Management and Intervention
    • Spiritual Gifts
    • Emotional Intelligence Spiritually
    • Marital Management
    • And more
  • Clergy-Based Seminars and Workshops
    • Self-Identity Sufficiency
    • Ministry Identity and Training
    • Pastoral Identity and Support
    • Active Listening and Empathy
    • Qualified Leagues
    • Ministry Leadership Training
    • And more

Please give us a call at 407-490-4184 for a more detailed discussion about your training, workshop, and seminar needs.